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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Using iPads in the Classroom

If I had twenty iPads in my class, what would I do with them? How would I use them to help my students learn better and help me teach better? Perhaps a better question is what would I do with them that I could not do with other tools that are available and cheaper?

The iPad has a number of unique features that provide for interesting possibilities in teaching and learning. These are some of the benefits I feel that iPads would bring into my second grade classroom:

• Classroom Apps
There are countless apps available for teachers and students, and many of them free, to tie into ANY subject area.

• Ease of Use
This might be subjective but overall iPads seem to be extremely easy to use right out of the box. There is a very streamlined, organized feel; you have everything you need, and it works!

 Kid Friendly 
Students these days use tablets and mobile devices from an early age, some as early as 1 or 2 years old! By the time they are in school it’s second nature to use a tablet or mobile device or an iPad in the classroom. The iPad will keep their attention and resonate with students by aligning with how the new mobile generation wants to learn and communicate.

Now, I am not saying that throwing 20 iPads into an elementary school classroom is going to cause a big improvement on student’s learning. I feel that having iPads in the classroom can be very effective if the teacher is properly trained on how to use it for educational purposes.

How can we use the iPad to facilitate better instruction? How can we engage our students more by using the iPad? How can I use these iPads to enhance the learning of my students with special needs?

What is your opinion on the use of iPads in the elementary classroom?